Choro das 3 – Thursday, August 29

We are so glad that this Brazilian family can return for a concert. We had an outstanding show with them when they were here. Choro das 3 is a Brazilian instrumental group of three sisters and their father that first started to play as a band in 2002.
7:30 PM, Tickets: $20, Student/low income: $15
Advance ticket sales available.
Call Traditions at 360-705-2819

“Interpretations of extreme creativity, a wonderful job of preservation and at the same time, renovation and modernization of Choro”
– Toninho Spessoto, Blog Acordes

“Seductive . . . true-to-form . . . very Brazilian”
– Tribuna da Imprensa

“. . . some of the most inspired and inspiring music . . . the highest level of musicianship and presentation . . . the highest quality of Brazilian Choro music that can be heard any place today.”
–Mike Marshall

Choro das 3 is a Brazilian
instrumental group of three sisters and their father that first started to play as a band in 2002. Corina, 26, plays flute and piccolo. Lia, 24, plays 7-string guitar. Elisa, 21, plays mandolin, banjo, clarinet and piano. Their father, Eduardo, plays pandeiro (the Brazilian tambourine). The music they play is called Choro. Choro is a form of urban jazz native to Brazil that shares a similar feel with New Orleans jazz or ragtime or bluegrass. Choro das 3’s mission is to revive the Choro tradition in Brazil, where they join several other young people in rediscovering this music, and to spread Choro around the world.

In the last ten years, the band has played Choro to many audiences. In 2006 they played for more than 70,000 people at a Mass for Peace in Sao Paolos Morumbi Stadium. Then they played for more than one million people at Reveillon, a public New Years Eve Party in Sao Paulo.

In 2011, Choro das 3 was invited to the Festival Internacional de Mandolines de Lunel in France. Their main concert took place in the 600 seat G. Brassen Room.

Choro das 3 first toured the USA in 2013. and played more than 30 concerts in 20 different American states. They were invited to Mike Marshall’s and David Grisman’s Mandolin Symposium, where they performed a concert and taught classes of Brazilian Choro. The last concert of the tour took place at the sold out Metropolitan Room in New York with acclaimed jazz guitar player Howard Alden and jazz vocalist Jeanne Gies.

Choro das 3’s 2014 USA tour featured more than 40 concerts and workshops. Once again their performance at Mandolin Symposium in California was acclaimed; the band was called back for four encores. Other highlights included MusikFest (PA), a joint concert with the Austin Mandolin Orchestra (TX), a concert at the historic Club Passim (MA) and a repeat of the band’s sold out Metropolitan Room concert with Howard Alden and Jeanne Gies.