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Natural Leaf Fortune Lamp

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These lamps are hand-made in the Philippines and feature hand-placed dyed fossilized cocoa leaves that then are laminated with non-toxic adhesive to create the panels.  Each panel is hand-stitched onto a four rattan pole frame.

Dimensions: 11” x 11”

Height: 48”

Bulbs: 2

Bulb Recommendations: LED, 400 to 800 lumens per bulb in soft white light is suggested. A19 Medium Base. Max 13-Watt Type SBCFL or LED.

We do not recommend incandescent bulbs because the heat from the bulb can discolor the shade over time.


Our products are manufactured using materials that are sustainably harvested, safe dyes that are food-based, and water-based finishes. The leaves used in our products are either collected after a tree naturally sheds them or are plucked from a living tree. In either case, the plant isn't harmed. Additionally, the purchase of the leaves we use provides a secondary income to the farmers who grow and care for plants.