7" Tara Tibetan Singing Bowl

Tara Singing Bowl

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Interior is carved with an image of Tara, the goddess of compassion and loving-kindness.  Exterior is carved with eight auspicious symbols. This singing bowl has a very deep and rich tone.

Handcrafted in Nepal with 7 different metals by master artisans using a 1000 year old technique.  

7" diameter, 3.5" height.

Comes with handmade blue silk box, silk cushion, and a wooden striker wrapped with suede. 

How To Play:

Place the singing bowl on your palm and make the least contact with your skin as possible (do not grab the bowl with your fingers).  Gently hit the rim of the singing bowl with the mallet and gently go around the outside edge of the bowl while maintaining light pressure in a circular motion.