Philip Shepherd: A Talk – The Forgotten Harmony – Olympia, WA – Friday, September 13

Disharmony is something we live with and accept as inevitable.  We feel it in our bodies, our relationships and our daily lives.  We also see it in the world around us, as human activity creates havoc for nature’s delicate harmonies.  At the centre of these disharmonies is our way of being, pulling both nature and our lives out of balance.

Our way of being singularly estranges us from the natural world, even as it breeds restlessness, anxiety and self-consciousness.  But because it is our way of being, it feels normal. As does our belief that asserting control will solve our problems, personal and otherwise. We aren’t aware of alternatives. It’s what we’ve learned, and it’s the modus operandi of our entire culture.

But when we strive to control self and world, we disconnect from the intelligence of the body. That places us in a state of personal imbalance. When live in a state of inner imbalance, we can only have an imbalanced effect on the world around us. Control, then, is the opposite of harmony – and what we most desperately lack is a way of being that is in harmony with the world.

The big question is, “What can we do about it?” That is what Philip Shepherd tackles in this talk. He demonstrates with concrete examples how our culture disconnects us, and he shows how a return to the body’s intelligence brings you home to a sense of ease that intimately connects you with the world. Once you sense the world’s harmony, you are called to uphold it. And then everything changes. As part of the talk, Philip will also share some very simple practices to help you move out of your head and come to rest in the harmony of being.

Philip Shepherd is the author of two books: international best-seller Radical Wholeness and his first book, New Self New World, which was widely hailed as a masterpiece. He has also developed a modality of practices, The Embodied Present Process (or TEPP), which consists of simple ways of helping people reclaim a sense of personal embodiment. He travels the world teaching workshops and training others to be able to teach the work.

A Radical Wholeness weekend workshop is taking place on September 14 – 15  in Olympia. For more information click here.

Cost: Suggested $10 donation at the door, or online (Free for weekend workshop participants).


Sep 13 2019


7:00 pm


$10 Suggested Donation at the Door, or Online (free for weekend workshop participants)

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