Heartsparkle Players

7:30 PM, Tickets: Donation $7 - $12 (no one turned away)

The Heartsparkle Players is a multicultural company that uses Playback Theatre and other interactive theatre techniques as tools for community building, education and social change. They seek to empower communities and individuals by providing a forum for stories to be shared, heard and honored.

What is Playback Theatre?
Audience members do not simply watch a Playback Theatre performance. They actively participate in it. The material for each performance comes directly from an audience member’s personal story. People tell moments from their lives, then watch them re-created with movement, music and dialogue. The teller can experience a sense of personal validation seeing their story honored in a new light. The entire audience can gain a new perspective as they hear each other’s stories. They can discover the subtle, sometimes striking differences and commonalities that reside within the life experiences of any group.

Each month the company invites a guest artist, community organization, arts program or social service agency to be a part of the performance. Through this collaboration the Heartsparkle Players acknowledge and honor the work individuals and organizations do in our community.

Visit the Heartsparkle Players website.

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