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Tara Singing Bowl

Tara Singing Bowl

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7" diameter, 3.5" height.

Handcrafted in Nepal by Himalayan artisans.
Interior is carved with an image of Tara, the goddess of compassion and success.
Exterior is carved with eight auspicious symbols.
Made with 7 different metals.

Comes with handmade blue silk box, silk cushion, and a wooden striker wrapped with suede. This singing bowl is carved with Green Tara (a meditation deity worshiped by practitioners of the Tibetan branch of Vajrayana Buddhism to develop certain inner qualities and to understand outer, inner and secret teachings such as compassion, loving-kindness, and emptiness.
This Singing bowl has a very deep tone
High quality and easy to play
All bowls are made out of seven different metals, which represents the universe.
Each bowl is individually handcrafted by our master artisan with 3 generations of experience in Nepal using 1000 years old technique

To Play a Singing Bowl - place the singing bowl on your palm with your fingers away from the metal. The less you touch it with your hand the more it will ring. A very small singing bowl could rest on your fingertips. Gently tap the rim of the singing bowl with the mallet and steadily go around the outside edge of the singing bowl. Keep a little pressure on the stick while going around the bowl. If it chatters press more firmly as you round that corner. Generally the harder you're able to push the louder the bowl will get.