The Go Janes and Auntmama

Saturday, October 19
7:30 PM, Tickets: $16.50, Student/low income: $12
Advance ticket sales available. Call Traditions at 360-705-2819

“Raconteurs, observers of life, trio with great harmony vocals – the Go Janes’ smart songs and tight sound are worth hearing over and over again.” 
– Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer, TWO-TIME GRAMMY® Award Winners

“Drawing from a deep well of country tall tales and hijinks, storyteller Auntmama takes us back to the not quite halcyon days of childhood, giving us a glimpse of her Virginia youth that continues to reverberate with modern day truths.”
–Iaan Hughes, Music Director, KBCS.FM

The Go Janes and storyteller Auntmama will share the stage for a delightful and soul-stirring evening of song and story. From their first collaboration for their Seattle Folklore Society concert in December 2018 to their set at the Seattle Folklife Festival in 2019, the story-song conversation between the four women have held audiences rapt, drawing all those present into a common circle of humor, beauty, mystery, and humanity.

Auntmama has been honored with the award of Living Legacy for excellence in craft while creating diversity and building community through storytelling in Seattle. She digs deep into her Blue Mountains roots for tales that straddle the line between darkness and light, always with eloquence and humor. 

The Go Janes’ original songs — including the two female singers from the veteran folk trio Uncle Bonsai (also at New Traditions in November) – feature harplike ukes, and sweetly beautiful vocal and instrumental arrangements. The trios songs and accompaniment connect to the stories in unusual ways, often taking unexpected side angles. The stories enhance the songs; the songs the stories.

The Go Janes come together for a vocal harmony, uke-and-guitar-based mutual lovefest. The trio collectively represents decades of experience in Seattle’s rich musical landscape. Two members of satirical trio Uncle Bonsai (Adler/O’Neill) join Kathleen Tracy (Modern Fabric, solo work), and former members of the Mel Cooleys, fasten with pins, and others.

The Janes combine three lifetimes of singing harmony in small groups, theater, school and church choirs and more. Incorporating elements from a variety of traditions, the Janes touch on Americana, musical theater, throat singing, and art song. The trio’s members write individually and collaboratively.

The Go Janes are working in dog years: in 15 months of togetherness, the trio has written over two dozen songs, have collaborated with storyteller AuntMama and writer Marie Peters, performed at the Seattle Folklore Society, and Dusty Strings, the latter with Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer, In addition, the trio has painted over two hundred pounds of rocks. Why rocks? To finance their first recording. Learn more about how you can adopt (or purchase in person) a rock.

Wearer of many hats Patrice O’Neill is a touring musician, festival producer, sometime audio book narrator, full-time mother/grandmother to a couple of generations and curious inhabitant of Earth. She has performed as a solo artist, releasing two projects of original music, Only Mercy Knows and Elusive. Her award-winning, multi-lingual collaborations with classical guitarist, Hilary Field, Siente and Cantelina, feature night songs from around the world. In her early years she lived in South Africa, and spent significant time in both Ecuador and Guatemala, gaining perspective and gratitude. She’s worked with genius songwriter, Andrew Ratshin in The Mel Cooley’s and currently performs with the iconic trio, Uncle Bonsai. Patrice is the founder and director of the annual Wintergrass festival in Bellevue WA and was an integral part of the team producing the Mandolin Symposium working with Mike Marshall and David Grisman. An avid early-morning runner and long-distance cyclist, she has 4 amazing children and 5 exceptional grandchildren. For fun, she reads books about physics, bakes bread and makes pathways in her garden. Got wood chips?

The Go Janes

Musician/Mom/Artivist Kathleen Tracy is a composer, arranger, singer, choral director, teacher, workshop presenter and multi-instrumentalist. She performs solo and with others, releasing five projects of original music, Speaking Stones, So Bodaciously (with Linda Severt), Calling the Dragons Home, Like the Stars That Made You, and Thursday Morning Alleleu. She also composes and arranges for theater and dance, most recently for Robin and Marion, Ellen Cooper’s modern day re-write of the Robin Hood story, performed by Anything is Possible Theatre. Kathleen is the founder and director of the Columbia City Community & Family Chorus, a ten year old living laboratory where the metaphor of mycelium, human connection, and the power of community singing gets put into joyful practice every week. She writes songs about the beauty and mystery of the world, and wanders into the mountains on a regular basis to find inspiration and commune with deep time, bringing home waaaay too many rocks.

Arni Adler crosses arts disciplines regularly. As a long-ago graduate of Bennington College (known for its “institutionalized creativity”), Arni has worked in theater, music, film, visual art, multi-media, and creative writing. As a stalwart fan of the trio format, she is a founding and current member of the super-harmony trios Uncle Bonsai and her ninth trio, the uke-based Go Janes. Her song cycle for voice, viola, bass, and piano based on poems by Charles Bukowski premiered at Seattle’s Royal Room. Arni exhibits her paintings and collages, and teaches visual art and writing to all ages, with a special love for working with kids with disabilities.