Three Count ’Em Three, And evening with 3 songwriters!

Friday, April 17
7:30 PM, Tickets: $16.50, Student/low income: $12
Advance ticket sales available. Call Traditions at 360-705-2819

Electric Bonsai Band
(It’s not electric . . . it’s not a band!)

Scott Katz
(Insensitive singer-songwriter!)

Matt Price
(Unrelentingly Literate!)

Electric Bonsai Band is neither electric nor a band…it’s actually singer/songwriter Andrew Ratshin, and his acoustic guitar. Best known as a member of, and principal songwriter for, the group Uncle Bonsai, Andrew has released five solo albums of original material and been included on a number of compilation projects.

With the release of his debut recording, I Am Joe’s Eyes, Andrew began headlining at clubs and festivals across North America; with the release of a live cassette, 20 Seconds Of Pleasure (a collection of 20-second and 40-second songs) and the critically acclaimed, But I’m Happy Now, Andrew established himself as “one of the premier songwriters of his generation’ (The Maverick Report). The release of Lounging In The Belly Of The Beast had Sing Out magazine proclaiming Andrew “an absolute original” and say that “there’s more than enough brilliance here to entice and seduce open minded listeners who appreciate exceptionally well written songs.”

Currently working on the upcoming song cycle, “Seven Wonders, Seven Sins, Seven Dwarfs,” Andrew returns to Olympia with new songs and old favorites.

“Like the finest artists, Ratshin captures with a few dark lines what others can’t find with the whole 64-piece box of Crayolas.”
–Dirty Linen


Three Songwriters

Matt Price doesn’t have the patience to write a screenplay.  But give him 3:55 and both your ears and he will weave a tale as deeply-textured as a classic novel or as intricate as a film noir masterpiece.  You’ll walk away with images that will stick for a lifetime (And a nearly-full tub of popcorn). Christine Lavin says: “Matt is a really fine poet, but also a terrific singer and guitarist – his style is hard to pigeon-hole – his songs are like mini-movies, beautifully crafted, like Cheryl Wheeler’s, with appeal that crosses all genres.”

Matt Price lives on a peninsula on the Puget Sound. His songs are engaging, ironic, lyrical, honest, and funny, sometimes all at the same time. An accomplished lyricist and acoustic guitarist, Matt has two albums, the most recent of which is Cure for the Blues, available from Yellowtail Records.

Scott Katz is a songwriter from Seattle who plays regularly throughout the Puget Sound region.  Scott attacks subjects as diverse as food, human foibles, and barnyard animals with wit and irreverence, and he wishes he had a nickel for every time he thought of something cynical to say.

As one reviewer put it, “Whether singing or speaking, rueful laughter lurks at the edges of his voice. He constructs stories the way Garrison Keillor does: each line delicately honed, eliciting “only” a chuckle, but building toward the belly laugh at the end of each verse.”

His Yellow Tail release, Wrong, was described by the Victory Review as “excellent writing on a great debut album, and a must for any songwriter collection.”

His long-awaited second CD continues to be long-awaited.

“Scott’s songs have an insidious charm and truth that sneak up on you like a cartoon mouse with a stick of dynamite.”